EaReckon BloXpander Update auf Version 1.2.0!

Die sehr nützliche VST Host und Verwaltungssoftware EaReckon BloXpander wurde einem Update unterzogen, hier sind die wesentlichen Änderungen.

  • MultiCore processors support. BloXpander is now optimized for MultiCore CPUs and provide a “per plugin” MultiCore option. If one of your plugin does not work correctly with the global MultiCore support option activated, other plugins can still be processed in parallel.
  • The global MultiCore support option is deactivated by default. It is accessible from the System panel.
  • 16 subscenes per scene are available to backup console states to be instantly called.
  • The audio/MIDI engine is not stopped when switching from a subscene to another. You can then call a subscene during a same song.
  • You can store and call Subscene from BloXpander’s interface or via MIDI messages.
    MIDI Sync In: BloXpander now understands MIDI synchronization messages coming from an external device/software (MIDI Clock, Start/Stop, Song position, …).
  • If needed, you can activate Sync In and Sync Out concurrently to synchronize all your MIDI hardware from a master unit.
  • OnScreen MIDI Panic
  • New Plugins case ‘info panel’ replacing Tooltips.

Fixed bugs and Improvements:

  • The Input/Output MIDI/Audio ports menu could have appeared when right clicking somewhere on the plugins case.
  • Some input ports could have been closed when combining specific actions (in “Basic Control + All MIDI Inputs” mode only).
  • Improved accuracy of the “Hysteria Meter”
  • Waves plugins should not be accidentally removed from the plugins case anymore.
  • An extra check has been added to the scene loading procedure. It should avoid potential problems if DLLs are missing.
  • All “learnable” MIDI values can now be erased. Just right click on a value (labels under gray “learn” buttons) to bring a dedicated popup menu.
  • This ‘erase’ option is also available from the Main Controller’s “Basic Control mode” grid.
  • Visual feedback of the Scene loading procedure has been modified. Plugins interfaces are not directly shown when loading a scene.
  • During this loading procedure, inserts that need to be filled/updated are colored in blue.

Die ANALOG87 Serie Plugins sind noch bis zum 30. September zu einem Einführungspreis erhältlich!

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