De la mancha, eine Quelle an interessanten VST Intrumenten und Effekten.

De la mancha kommt mir irgendwie spanisch vor, übersetzt hieße das soviel wie „aus la mancha“ wobei la mancha eine Region in Spanien ist, egal darum geht es ja hier gar nicht denn auf der Website von de la mancha finden wir sehr viele Audio Plugins, teils Freeware und andererseits recht preiswertes aber durchweg qualitativ gutes Werkzeug für die Musikproduktion.

delamancha ausgezeichnete Plugins, Freeware und Kaufversionen
de la mancha Plug-Ins

Die Auswahl ist groß, das neueste dürften die beiden Vintage Kompressoren GTO und GTX sein, vielleicht kann ich diese ja hier bald für Euch näher unter die Lupe nehmen.

Was auf der Seite alleine an Freeware geboten wird, ist schon hochinteressant, hier ist die Liste:

  • truc: Morphing multi-effects – Use 2 xy pads to control 4 banks of effects and any 4 parameters. runs in manual or auto, random or LFO, all fully tempo-sync’d to your host
  • D2 compressor: Stereo compressor – All rounder compressor plugin, little brother to bathtub and sidearm
  • machin: Random multi-effects – A probability-based step sequencer triggers any of 6 effects according to their weighting
  • pfilter: probability step sequenced filter – Trigger filter cut-off between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
  • gator: probability step sequenced gate – Trigger volume between 2 values on a probability-based step sequencer
  • sfilter: step sequenced filter – Vary filter cut-off between 2 values on a tempo-sync step sequencer
  • therapy: audio mind melt – Say what is on your mind, therapy will assess your mental state and translate it into audio. Sanity is very rarely diagnosed
  • freq show: audio scrambler – The audio equivalent of a sick dog, it ejects an evil, semi-digested version of whatever you feed it
  • bent: Circuit-bent resynthesizer – Analyses the incoming audio and resynthesizes it using a morphing oscillator, a tempo-sync gate & granulizer and some bent circuitry.
  • faderratic: random cross-fader – Cross-fades between 2 stereo inputs, using probability to generate random fades events
  • Imperfection: de-enhancer – studio free of noise? pristine digital audio with no artifacts? You need a little Imperfection in your life, bring tha noise!
  • boost: enhancer – dual-band parallel compressor with a simple interface for easy enhancement of audio. A very simplified version of bathtub
  • kitchen sync: LFO controlled filter/flanger/volume/pan – Customisable LFO waveform to create rhythmic filtering, flanging, volume and panning
  • ring thing: ring modulator – Multi-flavour ring modulation where frequency and wet/dry level are controlled by an XY pad. Each axis can modulated by its own tempo-sync LFO
  • thrummaschine: 3 band distortion effect – 3 band distortion with independant LFO driven filters and 3 flavours of dirt
  • sumo: fattener – make your sounds fat like a sumo
  • black_box: random FSU – pick a number, any number, who knows what will happen?
  • moot: midi latched mute/rhythmic gate/pingpong – Asign any midi key to latch the mute button, add a rhythmic chopping gate for fun
  • envy: midi latched 2 channel volume envelopes – Asign any midi key(s) to trigger/latch the independant L and R envelopes
  • basic64: lofi chiptune synth – synth aimed at 8 bit retro gamer sounds, lofi filth and quirky oddness
  • plastique: lofi retro synth – It’s retro, it’s lofi, it’s Casiotastic. Modelled after the waveforms of the Casio HT 700, but adding more features, plastique will do chiptune, lofi and much more besides
  • miniSID: simple SID chip synth – Instant chiptune sounds, using waveforms from a 6581 SID chip and a configurable arp for retro gamer sounds
  • styrofoam: classic analog emulation – Re-live your childhood pop-star dreams and bask in analog square-wave nostalgia
  • psymon: retro game emulation – those were the days, flared jeans, long hair, fizzy pop and endless games of Simon, ah don’t you just love nostalgia!
  • manic: random sample player – You can decide which samples, but you don’t get much say in when they play.
  • subatomic: mini sub-bass drum-synth – small GUI, massive subby kicks
  • subfreak: ultra simple sub-bass synth – little brother of subhuman, for those who don’t like twiddling knobs
  • entropy: random pitch synth – 3 osc synth that generates random pitch changes as melodic or unmelodic as you please
  • dynamite cowbell: More Cowbell!! – More cowbells than Gene Frenkle can shake a stick at. Ideas, sounds and GUI by audiofudge

Weiter geht es mit den zu bezahlenden Produkten von de la mancha, also sogenannte Kaufware oder Payware 🙂 die Preise sind allesamt sehr fair gehalten.

  • GTO and GTX $29, Vintage character compressors – GTO and GTX are big-bore, muscle car compressors, customised for raw power, brute force and straight line speed. Tuned and tweaked for precision, they can do subtle but love to tear it up at full throttle.
  • sidearm $29, precision sidechain compressor – Crush with the power of a heavyweight boxer and the precision of a surgeon. Very flexible compressor with many options to tweak the sidechain signal for very precise control of exactly when the compressor will kick in.
  • bathtub $29, swiss army compressor – multi-band, multi-layer, parallel/series, mid/side, L/R, RMS/Peak, side-chaining, look-ahead compressor (and limiter/maximizer) with comprehensive metering and clip counting
  • dirtbox $24, distortion / compressor – Parallel compression, 18 flavours of dirt, 12 flavours of ring mod, bit crush and mind blowing modulation of up to 6 parameters. Time to get dirrrrrrrty…
  • Octav8r $24, Multi-node pitch shifter – Create a rich tone by stacking 6 differently pitchshifted versions of the input onto a dry version
  • thr33some $15: 3 band stereo tool – 3 band stereo width and mid/side tool, with balance, gain, meters and multi-out capability
  • unstable $15, Pitch destabiliser – 3 modes of continuously random pitch modulation give you a range of instability from subtle old tape deck drifting to f**ked up pitch insanity
  • pitchfork $15, 3 band pitch modulator – 3 band pitch-shifting with modulation by tempo-sync LFOs, to really get your frequencies moving around
  • slix $39, randomising loop slicer – Switch randomly between up to 4 loops, each with its own shuffle, repeat, reverse and gate settings
  • erratic 2 $39, drum sample player – Has many randomising and velocity sensitive options to give variation on every loop. Includes, hit probability, beat repeat and variation of swing, velocity, pan, pitch, filter and envelopes
  • Scylla $24, hybrid sampler / synth – Combining 3 samplers and 3 oscillators to give many forms of sound design, including wavetable, granular, phase distortion, morphing, spectral and looping. More spice is added with granulizing, ring modulation and all the (un)usual envelopes, LFOs and filter options
  • Impakter $24, vintage drum module – 320 analogue vintage drum sounds packaged in a player with randomising and effects for variation per loop and sound design
  • dirty harry $15, lofi DIY synth – 20 unique waveforms sampled from hardware DIY lofi synths, with lots of options for decreasing fidelity and throwing sounds around the place
  • subhuman $15, sub bass synth – 2 Osc synth for deep subby basslines, kicks and drops
  • jellyfish $15, multi-modulation mode synth – add, subtract, ring mod, phase distortion & difference modulation options, with 2 tempo-sync LFOs and a multi-function envelope
  • metamorph $15, waveform morphing synth – each osc can morph waveforms in realtime to get dynamic sounds, plenty of onboard modulations and fx too
  • ballistic $10, drum sample player – Simple but effective, but more importantly is that the $10 will go to Cancer Research UK

Also alles in allem eine Riesenauswahl an Freeware und an bezahlbaren Audio Plugins von denen es auch noch TRIAL Versionen zum vorherigen selber testen gibt, mehr Information findet Ihr beim Hersteller:

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